5 Things To Know Before You Hire Your Wedding Venue Decorations

How do you pick your wedding suppliers?

During the course of your wedding planning, you will take a lot of time considering what is important to you; this is very much the case when it comes to your venue styling. For some clients, their main consideration is quality and for others; it is price. Some clients need to feel like their venue stylist gets their vision and others just want a venue stylist who will deal with everything with minimal fuss.

However, there are some very practical considerations that a couple should think about before they choose their venue stylist. Here we go:

One: Does your stylist own their stock?

Let me set the record straight; all venue stylists cross hire (cross hire= one venue stylist hiring from another venue stylist)! There is nothing wrong with it. If a client asks a venue stylist for chair sashes in Burnt Sienna, the likelihood is that we won’t have it. We have 2 choices; buy it in or hire it from another company. The cheapest option (and therefore better for you) is if we can get it from another hire company.

However, I am not talking about this. I am referring to companies that decorate weddings but do not hold any of their own stock and have to hire everything from someone else. Whilst there is also nothing wrong with this either, here are the things to consider/questions to ask:

  • How much control do you have over the pricing of your wedding venue decorations; will I be paying more because you do not own stock?
  • Will my booking be with you or with the cross hire company; how many contracts will I be signing and who’s terms and conditions will I be held to?
  • Can you guarantee the quality and cleanliness of the wedding venue decorations that I hire?
  • Can you guarantee that the other company will not cancel last minute to fulfil their own decorating obligations.

Angels and Gypsies own their own wedding venue decorations. We like minimal complication. That’s it.

Two: Where are your wedding venue decorators based?

This can be a bit of a contentious one. I know that some companies travel all around the U.K. and provide an exemplary service. If you are adamant on a certain venue stylist, you may not care where they are travelling from; I have been flown out to Majorca to decorate a wedding, so anything is possible. These are the things that we would encourage you to consider/ask your potential venue stylist:

  • Where are they based?
  • If your wedding venue decorations or venue stylist is travelling far, what is the extra that you will be paying for the travel/petrol.
  • If the journey is far, what contingency do they have in the event of traffic/road closures; how many routes do they have to get to you?
  • How many weddings will they be doing on the day?
  • If your venue decorators are travelling far to get to you, will you be expected to accommodate them in anyway between drop off and pick up?

We believe that there is nothing wrong with venue stylists travelling the whole of the U.K. to do their job, however, our usual stomping grounds are London, Kent and Sussex; we would rather that your money is spent on wedding venue decorations; not petrol!

Three: Do they specialise in wedding venue decorations for your style of wedding?

No venue stylist is a jack of all trades. Although we can style for all tastes and themes; we will all have a style that we specialise in.

Therefore, there is no point going to a company that specialises in modern look wedding venue decor and asking them to do a rustic look wedding for you. Not only will it probably cost you more as they probably will not have everything that you need to hand, it is not their specialist area so you cannot guarantee that you will get what you want.

We therefore do not take on any jobs that fall outside of our remit; we will even recommend companies that specialise in what you want.

Four: If you are dry hiring, what are the rules?

Each wedding decor company will subject you to different hire terms and conditions. Each companies set of terms will be more or less favourable to you depending on your situation; for instance, some may be more flexible during low season.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Will I be required to clean the wedding venue decorations before I return them?- Cleaning 100 charger plates is no joke!
  • What is the hire period? This can be a huge problem. Some companies require their hire stock to be returned the day after a wedding. This can be quite onerous on a couple, if they cannot ask anyone else to clean and return items for them. No one wants to be doing that job on the morning after their wedding.
  • Do you supply all necessary accompanying items; for instance candles for the candelabras?
  • Do you have specialist requirements; i.e. the use of non drip candles, restriction on the use of blue tack on vases etc.

We pride ourselves on our customer services, flexibility and empathy. I have had the personal experience of washing and returning 120 charger plates (cleaner than I received them) after my own wedding; it is not nice! Angels and Gypsies work to make our client experience as perfect as their day. We liaise with our clients about their timeline and find solutions that suit all parties.

Five: Can they supply actual pictures of their wedding venue decorations?

Alway, always always ask to see pictures of any wedding venue decorations! If a company can supply you with pictures; you will know exactly what you are getting. For instance, the colour gold can be a problem. There are a few shades of gold; bright gold, antique gold, champagne etc. Pictures will help you to know that you will be supplied with the correct gold tone of your choice.

Seeing pictures will help manage your expectations. Note: Sometimes, pictures of big structures can’t be supplied, especially if it is a new product. In this case, ensure that you understand what you will be getting.

Pictures of all our decor items are on our website and when you come for your consultation with us, you will see a mock up of your table set up and centrepieces. This way, you know exactly what you are getting and what it looks like together; no bad surprises!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it’s your right! The answers (or lack of answers) will let you know if it is the supplier for you

Ask away!


Angels and Gypsies

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