5 Things To Think About When Designing Your Top Table Decor

Top tables have always traditionally sat the married couple plus their parents, the best man and the maid of honour on a long rectangular table. However, times have changed and more options are now available when it comes to head table decor and design.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your top table design:

One: Politics

There is no such thing as the ‘traditional family’ anymore. When thinking about your top table design, you may have to consider step parents, mums new partner, the dad that you have just got back in touch with and the parents that hate each other etc. This means that your head table could end up being quite long to accommodate all of these people,

If this is too much politics and you don’t want to deal with who is going to sit next to who; you may want to opt for a sweetheart table. This is a table for 2 that is heavily decorated just for the bride and the groom. Most of the weddings that we do now have a sweetheart table. After all, the couple are the star of the show.

5 things to think about when designing your top table decor1

Two: Keep your decor low

Head table decor should be kept at a low level. You have to stay away from tall floral arrangements and decor. People have come to see your beautiful faces and the worst thing you could do is have a huge candelabra blocking their view.

In addition, if you have tall arrangements on your head table, it will be a logistical nightmare for your photographer and videographer. They will never have a clear shot of anyone on the head table. This will not make for pretty pictures or video.

5 things to think about when designing your top table decor1

Three: Less is sometimes more

My style is a bit over the top. I love glitz and glam; I’m like a magpie for shiny things. However, when I dress a top table, although I still use my bling, I ensure that there are clean lines and that things are kept glam but simple. My head table decor is supposed to compliment the couple and not outshine them.

Note: Candle light always makes a person look great, so use lots of tea lights.

Four: The longer the table, the longer the back drop

If you are having a backdrop for your top table, you will need to think about the size. Generally speaking, the longer the tables, the longer the back drop. If not, your back drop will look like a postage stamp behind your top table.

The easiest and most cost effective way to cover the back drop distance of a long top table would be to use a fabric back drop. This can be blinged out with additional drapes, lights and/or florals.

5 things to think about when designing your top table decor1

Five: Your table doesn’t have to be rectangle

There is a new trend for different types of top table, so couples should make sure that they fully explore their options.

Some couples don’t want to be seated separate from everyone else and be looking down on them, so they are opting to be on a round table with everyone else. I would suggest that if you do this, you have this table decorated slightly different (probably more heavily) from the other tables just to indicate that it is a head table of some sort. Again, I would use lots of candles on this table as their will be lots of attention on it. This is usually called a VIP table. If you want a different shape to stand out, you could put two rectangle tables together to make a square. This would hold 10 people comfortably.

Again, there are no rules with your head table; square, circle or rectangle. I’ve even seen swirly tables! I am just a big believer in being informed of the options, even if none of them appeal to you!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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