Bride On A Budget: What Exactly Is A Bride On A Budget?

What exactly is a bride on a budget?

Hi ladies (and maybe some gents)! I hear a lot of conversations about wedding budgets and what is a ‘healthy’ budget. Well, did you know that if you spend £25k on your wedding, you are considered a bride on a budget?

Most brides have a budget (even filthy rich ones!), so the first thing I want to do is establish what a ‘budget bride’ is.

In September 2017, the Independent reported that the average cost of a UK wedding was £27,161 (£33,884 in London). A couple spending this amount of money would usually have a vast choice of wedding suppliers who would be snapping at their heels for a bite of the £27,161 pie. Once you go below this amount, your choice of supplier somewhat narrows.

Now here lies the problem!

When you type ‘budget bride’ or ‘bride on a budget’, you get 101 articles about how to get married for under £3000. So, now we have a jump from £27,161 (UK average wedding cost) to £3000 (budget bride); what happened to the £24,161 in the middle of these two numbers? The truth is that most of the people that you and I know will fall in this middle! Some people cannot afford to spend outside of the ‘middle’ and some people don’t want to spend more than the middle’.

The ironic thing is it is quite fashionable to claim either of the two extremes. Women often brag about how they spent over £25k on their wedding and how lovely it was; usually the best wedding that they have ever been to (apparently)! On the other hand, women also brag about how they only spent £3000 on their wedding, how quirky and carefree they are and how ‘fun’ there wedding was; it is also usually the best wedding they have been too (apparently too)!

When is the last time that you heard a woman brag about spending £18k on a wedding? Even though it is a heck of a lot of money, couples spending this amount of money will usually be too embarrassed to say so. I see it all the time. When asked about their decor budget, brides with a top end budget will tell you how much their decor budget is and what they would like for it. Brides at the bottom end will ask, “What can you do for £100? Our whole budget is £3000, we are so anti establishment and quirky you know, blah blah blah”. But the couples in the middle will never fess up and tell you their budget! They will prefer to ask for everything they want, and then take away each item (one by one) until 100 quotes later, they get within their expenditure; not realising that being honest about their figures in the first place will probably get them more for their money.

I learnt this first hand myself; the hard way. It was only at the end of my wedding planning, that I realised that when I was honest and told suppliers what I had to spend, they either said, “No” from the start or went the extra mile to get me within my budget.

The word ‘Cheap’ is never used in the wedding industry. No one want a ‘Cheap’ looking wedding. However, a lot of wedding suppliers will have the word ‘Cheap’ (cheap centrepiece, cheap wedding photography or cheap wedding flowers etc) programmed as their search engine keywords. Why? Even though this word ‘Cheap’ is never openly used, wedding suppliers know that the majority of brides use it in their internet searches for suppliers.

What does all this information tell you? It tells you that if you are in the ‘middle’ YOU are a bride on a budget!

You have no need to be ashamed or embarrassed of this. There are more of you in the ‘middle’ propping up the wedding industry than you think. ‘Budget’ doesn’t mean cheap, budget doesn’t mean that you are not spending a lot, it just means that you are not spending as much as some others.

My blog will help you focus your funds in the right places, tell you where and where not to cut corners and what you can DIY. Just because you are spending less than others on your wedding day, this does not mean that you will be less bothered if they day is not like you wanted.

My last comment in this blog post would be, NEVER use a wedding supplier who makes you feel like your money isn’t good enough. You need us BUT we also need you; go where you are appreciated!

Happy budgeting

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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