5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Centerpieces For Your Wedding Table

Your table centrepiece is one of your most important wedding decor items. They form the main focal point on your reception table.

There are many things that you will consider when choosing your centrepieces; here are 5 of our most important considerations:

1. Height

Decide whether you want centrepieces of the taller kind that are usually ‘wow’ pieces or something small and classic.

If you are going for height, make sure that it is something that is a show stopper. It is now very normal to see centrepieces of over 1.5mts. Just be careful to ensure that if you are going really tall that they are sturdy; the taller they are, the more likely they are to fall over.

If you are using a smaller centrepiece, think about something pretty within lots of detail.

You definitely don’t want something that is in the eye line (30cm to 40cm) or it will obstruct your guests from seeing each other when they sit around the tables.

2. Theme/style

Your theme will have a lot to do with what type of centrepiece you choose. For a rustic theme, you might incorporate wood; something as big as a blossom tree or as small as a log slice.

Glam centrepieces usually have height and metal involved especially gold. For a glam look; more is always more!

Themes like shabby chic or vintage do lend themselves to small well thought out centrepieces; something with small vases, mirrors and single stem flowers.

3. Florals or not

Flowers whether real or artificial do not always have to form part of your centrepiece. Hay fever sufferers especially, are opting for non floral centrepieces.

Candelabras will always be a popular and classic centrepiece choice. Try to pick a candelabra that is glass or has hanging crystals; something to give your table that little bit of bling!

Flowers are always gorgeous but they aren’t the be all and end all of beautiful decor.

4. Table shape

Not all centrepieces work on rectangle tables and vice versa. For instance, you can get away with one vase on a round table but you may need 2 vases for every one rectangle table (or it looks bare). However, a floral hoop which is quite wide would work well in the centre of a rectangle table.

If you are using rectangle tables, definitely think about what centrepieces will work well.

5. Using 2 centrepieces

You don’t have to use one identical centrepiece for all your tables. Using a mixture of high and low centrepieces can make a room look interesting and can give a room texture.

You can also use centrepieces of the same height but different styles. In this case, you should ensure that there is something about the style that is similar or you may look a bit mismatched.

Choosing your centrepiece is exciting times. There will be so many options; the world is your oyster. There aren’t many rules but the above 5 considerations will help you make the right decisions.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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