5 things to take care of regarding your wedding or event during the Covid-19 Coronavirus disruptions

I have had so many calls and emails from worried brides who don’t know what to do. You have either had to postpone your wedding or are not sure if everything will be cleared by your wedding date. Covid-19 Coronavirus has really thrown everything up in the air.

Here are 5 things that you should be taking care of during this time:

One: Look over your supplier contracts and contact suppliers

If you have made bookings and you have to or may have to postpone your wedding; look at your contracts now. Check the clauses around cancellation and see what your supplier says about both cancellations and postponements.

After you have done this, you should make contact with your supplier. Let them know your situation, how you feel and then discuss your options. A little word of advice here; emails are good but a phone call goes a long way!

Usually you will be able to come to an amicable arrangement with your suppliers but if you think that you have been treated unfairly or that your supplier is ignoring the terms of the contract, please contact trading standards, your CAB or a solicitor. Please do not listen to the arm chair lawyers, there are lots of them; you will usually find them in the pub drinking with an arm chair pharmacist and an arm chair football manager.

Note: take this opportunity to also look at your wedding insurance to see what it covers you for and under what circumstances you are covered.

Two: Getting quotes

There are probably some suppliers or wedding items that you are yet to source. This time would be the perfect opportunity to look for and book these suppliers and items. There are some really good deals out there at the moment so take advantage of these while you can.

5 things to take care of for your wedding or event during the Covid19 Coronavirus disruption

Three: Researching ideas

Research some wedding inspiration. Take the opportunity to make sure that your wedding will look amazing. Especially where it concerns your decor, you may want to tweak some elements if you have postponed your wedding from a spring to summer or autumn wedding. You may want to consider an outside ceremony or you may have to bring your ceremony inside. You may want to change your style of centrepiece to suit the season etc.

I have seen some lovely ways of re-purposing wedding stationery with the wrong date, for instance under the old date, it has been amended with “Lol” and then the new date. If this is not your cup of tea, look at other ways before deciding to go for a whole reprint on your stationery (always go to your original stationer first as it will probably be more cost effective).

Four: Reassessing your budget

Take this opportunity to check your budget. Will it remain the same? It is well known that the summer months or weekends can be more expensive for weddings. Look at your situation and decide that if you have to postpone, whether it is worth postponing to a more cost effective time of the week or year.

If you are not sure whether you will have to move your wedding, this is the opportunity to check out what the cost implications will be so that you are prepared; forewarned is forearmed!

5 things to take care of for your wedding or event during the Covid19 Coronavirus disruption

Five: Tidying up loose ends

The time to take care of all those annoying little wedding jobs is now! Yes, the really annoying ones like finding out the wedding parties shoe sizes, clothes sizes, neck sizes etc.

All the wedding DIY projects that you were going to start; go ahead and start. Find out your guests dietary requirements. Pull together your wedding play list and start looking for your first dance song. Practice your first dance, especially if you have two left feet! None of these jobs are a waste of time because they will all need to be done at some point.

Last and certainly not least; please make sure that you have wedding insurance. If one thing Covid-19 Coronavirus should teach us is to have both our belt and braces on to protect ourselves. Wedding insurance is definitely now a necessity and not an option.

I know that Covid-19 Coronavirus has some of you distressed and in limbo about your wedding plans. Don’t be too hard on yourselves, it’s understandable. If you really need to talk about your wedding related issues due the current situation; contact us as we would be happy to help where we can! To my clients; you know I’ve got you!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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