10 Top Tips For Getting Your Diy Wedding Decor Right

So, you have chosen to DIY your wedding decor, what next?

You are going to have to choose where you are getting your items from, what your budget is, how much time and energy you will spend and the overall look that you want to achieve.

I am going to let you in on some tips on how to get your DIY venue styling right:

One: Infantry

After you have decided on your look and what you want, you will need to do an infantry. Break down everything that you will need for your DIY decor and write it down; like a shopping list. Once you have done this, you will know what you need to buy.

Two: View; don’t buy

I know that all brides do this and it drives me nuts- Please refrain from buying things here and there because they look cute or they were on sale: FOCUS!!! If it isn’t on the infantry, don’t but it!

Collect prices and make sure that stores have enough stock. If you want to buy lots from one store, try to negotiate a discount.

Three: Think of substitutes

The likelihood is that you won’t be able to find the exact items that you need so be prepared to find substitutes. You may even find that some of the items that you want can’t even be purchased from this country. Good quality DIY decor is not always easy to find.

We have many DIY decor clients who realise that they can’t afford to buy certain items or just can’t get them, so they dry hire them from us to save themselves the time, money and effort.

Four: Be prepared to reuse

Always reuse what you can! All the DIY decor that you make, buy or hire for your reception should be used to decorate your ceremony space as well. So for instance if you are buying petals for your reception tables, you should buy extra for your aisle decor. Your head table flowers should have already been used on the registrars table. Be smart about what can be reused. Don’t waste money on over buying.

Five: Pace yourself

Creativity takes time. If you rush it, I can guarantee you that you won’t do a good job. Make yourself a timetable that doesn’t make you feel pressured. For instance, if you are making centrepieces, make one every other day. The idea is to do the best job you can and to make your stuff out of ‘love’ not obligation.

Six: Stay on top of your budget

Trust me when I say DIY isn’t always cheaper. You spend £30 here and £40 there and before you know it, you are £300 down and you haven’t even made anything yet.

Make sure you have priced up your DIY decor before you buy to work out whether it’s cheaper to buy or hire. Once you have your budget, stick to it.

I can guarantee that there will be something’s that are cheaper to dry hire from us because either they will be to expensive or they can’t be bought off the shelf.

Seven: Don’t be afraid of getting expert help

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. You may want to make your centrepieces but let a professional venue stylist take care of your backdrop.

We have many clients for whom we drop off their DIY decor hire items, pop up their backdrop for them and then leave them too it.

Eight: Pick your suppliers carefully

Make sure that you buy from suppliers who come with good reviews and recommendations. I can guarantee you that there will be items that you buy that when they arrive, will look completely different to picture. Check the reviews as they will usually tell you if something is not quite as per the description.

Nine: Don’t be over ambitious

Venue styling takes years of practice and we are always learning.

Please don’t try to copy the £60k wedding decor that you saw on Pinterest with a £300 budget and some YouTube videos. You will fail!

Ten: If it’s making you miserable- stop!

Ultimately, you should enjoy what you are doing. If you are finding it hard and it is making you miserable or anxious, then stop!

When you are continually stressed through your planning process, it will make it harder for you to enjoy your day.

Maybe you could decorate the guest book table yourself and leave everything else to us!

These tips should help you get through DIY-ing it unscathed! And remember, if you dry hire from us, as our client, you will be able to ask us detailed questions and will have the benefit of our expert knowledge.

Happy Doing it yourself

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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