Floral Walls & Flower Walls: Wedding Backdrops Are A Must For A Beautiful Lux Look Wedding

Back drop features are now a staple for any wedding.

If you want a luxurious look and feel to your wedding, floral walls and and heavy florals as a backdrop is definitely a requirement.

Floral walls/flower walls are very popular at the moment thanks to Kim K. The only problem that occurs when things get popular, is that you get the cheap knock offs. You can hire a floral wall for as little as £80 and for as much as £600. This is another case of you get what you pay for. Now you should know by now that I love to give my opinion. Please know that it is just my opinion and I do not intend to offend.

At the lower end, you will find floral walls that are hired for birthday parties and baby showers where the budget for decor will be a lot less than that of your wedding. These floral walls will tend to be 100% made of hydrangeas. These will make them look ‘fluffy’ and less structured. They are also usually presented on a backdrop pipe and drape system like a curtain. This is the perfect option if you are a bride on a budget.

On the other end of the scale, a luxury flower wall will usually be made of all roses (that doesn’t mean that all floral walls with 100% roses are luxury) and they will be presented on a structured frame,

We have opted for a mid to high range floral wall for our venue styling as we can appreciate that the average decor budget doesn’t include £600 for a floral wall. Our walls are a mixture of high quality hydrangeas and roses so it still looks structured. Our wall sits on a structured frame so for all intents and purposes; it is actually a wall!

Another pointer; Check the size of your floral wall and whether it will meet the needs of your top table set up. For example, we supply 2 sizes. The first size (2.4metres in length) we use for sweetheart tables, baby showers, birthday parties and photo backdrops. It is perfectly square and suits these uses. If you have more than 2 people on your head table or you are having a full stage set up for your sweetheart table, our 4.8mtr length wall is perfect. If you went for anything less, it would look like a postage stamp on a letter.

Some people do not like floral walls and prefer drapes. In this case, for the luxury look, you should (minimally) add some floral runners to the top of the drapes. Again the rules above about which flowers you use and the look they create still applies.

So, here is your checklist:

  • What is the price? You get what you pay for!
  • What flowers are used? Choose structured over fluffy!
  • What does it sit on? If it sits on a proper frame it will look more luxurious.
  • What is the size of your floral wall and is it appropriate for what it is being used for? No postage stamps!
  • If you are having drapes, what floral embellishments does the venue stylist offer? Minimally, choose a runner!Remember that our ever expanding Gypsy Rose Collection has floral walls, floral runners and floral centrepieces to make your wedding look lush!

Happy making it look luxe

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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