How Much Does Wedding Decor Cost? The 5 Costs That You Should Always Check

When you have done all your calculations and have made the decision to purchase an item or service; the worst thing is to then be hit by additional charges. This can happen quite often when you are organising your wedding. Because weddings aren’t everyday events, the suppliers that you use and the way that they work is likely to be unfamiliar to you. Therefore, they will answer all of your questions BUT if you are not asking the right questions; those answers mean nothing. And why would you know what questions to ask if you have never organised a wedding before?

So, as usual we are here to help!!! Here are 5 costs that you should ensure are included in the price you have been quoted:

1. Travel

Your venue decorator will have to travel to and from your venue unless they are a in-house decorating team. This cost will need to cover the cost of petrol for the distance and the type of vehicle that is needed (especially if a large vehicle is required).

Remember, there will be 4 journeys to cover; there and back for set up and there and back for collection.

Ask your venue decorator if the price includes delivery.

2. Decor Items- extras

Lots of regular decor items have hidden charges that can be over looked. It happens all the time, partly because your venue decorator is not clear on what you want and you have not given all the information needed. For example, you have hired 100 beautiful pink damask napkins from a 3rd party supplier. On the day of your wedding, the napkins get delivered by your supplier and are sitting in a box in the reception hall. Do not assume that your venue decorator will put these out. Do not assume that your venue decorator will have allocated the time and staff in their logistics to fold your napkins into the shape of little swans. Things as simple as napkin folding need to be discussed.

How much does wedding decor cost The 5 costs that you should check are covered

Candelabras need candles; are they included in your price? You can see how an oversight here and there can cause problems. This can result in jobs being missed or additional charges being later added.

3. Set up and Breakdown

Check that your price is not just for the items and includes a set up and breakdown fee. If you have a dry hire price for your goods, the price won’t include anyone coming to your venue to set up your goods or break down the items when you are finished. It may include a delivery and collection charge but check with you supplier.

4. Staffing

Some venue decorators quote for staff separately and some include the staffing cost within the price of each individual item hired. Always ask your venue decorator if the price includes staffing or if this is an additional cost.

If you are having an elaborate wedding, the decoration process will require a larger staffing team. If your venue has reduced access hours, you will need to let your venue decorator know as this will further increase your costs as more staff will be needed to get everything thing done on time.

5. Security deposit

All venue decorators are likely to take a security deposit. And although it will be refunded when all the goods are received back in the condition that they were left in; this is still an amount of money that needs to be laid out initially. Security deposits will start at as little as £50 but will increase according to the value of the goods hired.

As you can see, it is easy to see how through no fault of yourself or your wedding decorator, you could find yourself paying more than your original quote. Whilst the professionals will endeavour to stop this from happening, being an informed couple is also very helpful.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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