How Much Does Wedding Decor Really Cost? Part 2 – The Nitty Gritty

Hey there, so this is part two of this blog series. There was so much that I wanted you to know that I couldn’t get it into one blog post. If you haven’t read part one, definitely go back and have a quick read first.

In part one, I explained that the question that I am often asked is, “How much does wedding decor cost”? I broke down what you are actually paying for (and getting) when you use an expert.

In part two, I am going to talk MONEY! I am going to be really honest about this taboo subject. No one ever wants to talk money and it’s really weird. Couples never want talk about how much they are spending on venue styling. So we do the dance:

  • I ask the couple “What is your venue styling budget”?
  • Couple replies, “We don’t really have a budget, we will tell you what we want for you to do a quote”.
  • Couple ask for quote with 100 items.
  • I do quote with 100 items.
  • Couple looks at quote and has a heart attack.
  • Couple discuss changes.
  • I resend quote.
  • Repeat points 5 to 7 x five times.
  • Couple finally admits that they have a budget
  • I get as much as I can into their budget.

Happy Couple!

So let’s talk money (scary, I know). I am going to talk in nice round figures, mainly because my maths is rubbish. The figures that I am using are in no way indications of what I think you should spend or what I charge for venue styling. The idea of this example is to show you how to break down your venue styling budget and work out how far it will go.

I am keeping the numbers as low as possible because too many zeros might confuse you (okay me)!

So let’s say you have £1000 to spend on venue styling for 100 guests. You are going to see here why even though £1000 is a lot of money generally; it is not a lot for your venue styling if you are having 100 guests.

We are starting from the assumption that you have 10 tables of 10 people. So £1000 works out at £100 per table.

A charger plate for each person will cost between £2 to £5 each depending on the style and quality (lowest price of £2 x 10 = £20 per table).

Your chairs or chair covers/sashes (which ever you like) will cost at least £2.50 each (£2.50 x 10 = £25 per table). If you have a venue that supplies nice chairs free of charge, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Your wedding centrepiece is likely to be your most important venue styling item. If you want a basic centrepiece, for instance a candelabra (a nice candelabra), you could be spending approx. £30 each (excluding candles). But, if your wedding centrepiece means a lot to you; you will want/need to spend more on it. For a decent artificial floral centrepiece, you may need to spend anything from £70 each per centrepiece. If you are wanting real flowers; then you will need to spend even more.

If I add up all the cheapest scenarios listed above, you will have spent £750 of your decor budget, you have £250 left and you have no top table dressing or decor, no table finishing touches, no special coloured napkins or linen if required, no back drop if required, no ceremony styling and most importantly; you have not paid anyone to set up for you! Now whilst you can reuse your centrepieces as ceremony styling (we always promote this), the rest of the £250 is not going to go as far as getting you everything that you are missing.

My advice to a client in this scenario would be:

If they were dead set on having more, to add another £250 to £500 to the budget, it would probably give them a better looking wedding and some professional styling service; or Use a dry hire service, rope in some friends to help and then they could go lavish but assume the risk and stress; or Use a service like our Wedding In a Box service, use the money left over from the balance of their budget and the amount from their free 11th box to pay for a backdrop and any extras. This service would give them a balance between price and service.

So what am I trying to show you? It’s not to increase your budget or to compromise yourself.

It is to be more realistic about what your money will achieve. Think about what you will and won’t sacrifice to get the look you want. If you can take the stress, dry hire and get more for your money. If you want ease, even though you will get less bang for your buck, spend your money on a full decor package. Look at companies and what they offer. Do your research and see which companies are transparent and have their prices on their websites.

I hope you feel a little more educated in how to break down what you want!

Happy doing your sums!

Love you!

Angels and Gypsies

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