How Much Does Wedding Decor Really Cost? Part One

By the time a couple gets to the point of booking their decor, they have been quite overwhelmed with the whole wedding planning process.

99% of couples will ask, ‘How much does your decor cost’? This is quite a frustrating question because the answer is not very helpful because the cost of your wedding decor simply depends on what you want.

The real question is, what am I paying for?

DIY decor brides are on the rise. There are many reasons why a bride might decorate their wedding themselves and it isn’t always due to lack of funds. However, I think that one of the most important reasons why, is how readily available wedding decor is now. Big retailers with wedding sections, eBay and GumTree mean that couples can now easily get their hands on wedding items.

So, if this is the case, why are wedding stylists still in business? What are you really paying for?

Big ticket items

You can’t buy everything; especially the large stuff! Buying and storing a flower wall for one wedding is not easy, cost effective or convenient. Okay, so you’ve told yourself you will sell it after. Good luck with that; most brides usually end up selling big items at a fraction of the cost in order to get the monstrosity out of the house. Finding buyers for big items isn’t easy.

Up to date

The big retailers don’t stock what is hot, they stock what is popular; don’t mistake the two for being the same. If you are a couple looking for the latest centrepiece trends or you want something different; a venue stylist would be your most sensible option as the shops are unlikely to have these.


People assume that wedding decor is simple. They don’t realise that we decorate with health and safety rules, caterers and guest experience in mind (to name a few)!

How long does it take to set a table? Maybe not long at home but how long does it take to recreate that table another 10 times. A lot longer than you think!

Our experience mean that we carry insurance! In today’s culture of blame, do not assume that a person for whom you invited to your special day won’t sue you when your make shift flower wall/curtain backdrop falls and knocks them out!


Things regularly go wrong; no wedding day is without its problems. The expertise of your wedding suppliers will be the difference between issues being fixed quickly and discretely or issues becoming a problem that all of your guests know about. You are not just paying for our stock, you are paying for our Get out of jail free cards! We carry extra stock in case of emergency, we make contingency plans for problems that occur that unless you are in the industry, you could not foresee.


You are not just paying for the item. You are paying for advice when you are unsure of how things work, you are paying for clean (yes, we do lots of cleaning) items that are bought to you, put out for you and collected for you.

You have to think; do you want to:

  • Buy 10 flat packed candelabras,
  • Build these candelabras,
  • Design and organise the tablescape in which these candelabras will be used
  • Remember to organise those finishing touches that seem to get forgotten like the candles for the candelabras,

Organise someone on the day that you trust (that isn’t your mum, isn’t your bestie or isn’t in your bridal party) to dress your tables. This person needs to be close enough to care but doesn’t mind possibly missing your wedding service. The likelihood is that you will feel obliged to pay this type of person a few quid as a thank you; you’ve just paid an unprofessional!
Organise someone to pack up your decor, so that it’s safe and in a good condition (this plan only really works if you can sell the candelabras back at a decent price so they have to be packed properly). This job takes longer than you think and has to be done quickly before the venue shuts, or you could end up losing your venue deposit.

Get it back out to take pictures of it to……

Sell it!

The financial cost, time and emotional stress means that doing it yourself is not necessarily viable.

Peace of mind

You know it’s taken care of! No worries, stress and peace of mind is priceless!

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