How To Pick Your Wedding Colours. 5 Tips On How To Choose The Colours For Your Big Day

So, How do you pick the colours for your big day. Well hopefully this list compiled below will help.


Your personality should always shine through in your venue styling. This usually happens naturally anyway.

If you are a bold and crazy person, let your wedding decor reflect that. This can still be done in a classy way. For instance, all the items in our Dark Angel range are black. People always think- goth vibes but when mixed with blush pink, it looks classy but alternative.

Don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to pale colours.

Palette not colour

I always think that it is better to choose a colour palette and not just one colour. This gives you more scope to be creative and different. Your palette may have different shades of one colour (hot pink, baby pink and blush pink) or colours that are tonally related for example; pale pink and pale lilac.

The colours you choose may be the palette of a theme. A simple example would be a rustic theme. This would involve a mixture of greens, some browns (wood colour) with a hint of ivory and blush pink.

As a venue stylist, I prefer to use a palette as it gives me more scope to create something different each time. It is also less restrictive as I have more colours to play with.

Not too matchy matchy

Try not to get too ‘matchy’ with the colours that you do pick; your chair sash doesn’t need to be an exact match to your napkins. It’s not necessary and will cause you no end of stress trying to match things exactly. When you ensure that the colours are tonally related, then you will not need to match.

I always ask couples to be realistic in their expectations when trying to match colours as I would prefer neither of us have a nervous breakdown before their wedding.

Bold is nice but not when only mixed with white

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Bold is good! Colour blocked wedding decor is mesmerising. The one caveat I have to venue styling with a bold colour is that it doesn’t sit well with just white.

Why? Here is the simple reason:

  • Red and white = Football
  • Blue and white = Football
  • Green and white = Football.

These colours tend to make a wedding look football themed. How would I get around this?- Example: I would couple red with gold; not white.

When working with strong colours, my clients have to trust my expertise on what will and won’t look good; and bold colours take a little more thought.

If you can’t decide; just white or ivory is okay.

If you really can’t decide on a colour; that’s fine, don’t have one! Ivory and white reception decor is absolutely beautiful and classy. Don’t feel pressured to pick a colour. I have brides who have a colour theme but still opt for an all ivory reception. Some of the most beautiful wedding decor that I have ever seen is all ivory.

Choosing a colour theme for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning process, so have fun with it.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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