Preparing For Your Wedding

So you are getting married? Congratulations!

The funny thing is, this will probably be the best and worst experience of your life. No one really admits the truth about organising your own wedding.

Here is a little insight! Firstly, no one really prepares you for how much a wedding costs. It is no secret that the prices within the wedding industry are extortionate but nothing will prepare you for how unreasonable the mark up can be.

Secondly, when people say, “Let me know if I can help you with anything”, it really translates as “I want to come dress shopping with you and I’m up for being a bridesmaid”! Ask that same person to help you trawl the internet for a venue in London that seats 120 and will allow you to use your own caterer; all of a sudden, the same person is hiding from you in the supermarket.

Thirdly, I have never really met a bridezilla; only passionate brides. One creature that I see emerging regularly from the black lagoon is: The Mumzilla! The Mumzilla is the mother (usually mother of the bride) who is practically planning the day of her own dreams! Now this is bad enough but God have his mercy on the wedding industry if Mumzilla is contributing financially to the wedding; now we have Mumzilla on speed!

Lastly, no one ever prepares you for the fact that because life still goes on and sometimes when you are planning and organising your wedding; at times you may not even be talking to your partner! I have not come across one bride who has not experienced this. During my wedding planning process, I remember having a coffee with one of my married friends. She asked me how everything was going and what else needed to done. I told her that we needed to pick our vows but because I was giving my now husband the silent treatment and I was determined that I wasn’t backing down (I can be petty like that sometimes), I was stuck with how to get the information from him; “Hey idiot, do you want to be with me in sickness and in health” just didn’t seem right! My friend then told me about the many times that this had happened to her and that it was very normal. I was normal.

As we are in wedding season and brides will be experiencing this stuff, we will have a laugh and cry about the above issues and how they can be dealt with sensibly, including my ‘What not to do guide’ all of which consist of mistakes made by me because I am the gift that keeps on giving!

Love you

Angels & Gypsies

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