Rose Gold Wedding Decor Is The New Trends And A Must For Your Big Day

Rose gold is definitely a wedding colour that is here to stay. It is now an option that is on par with silver and gold.

The one strength that rose gold decor has is that it can easily be mixed with silver or gold accents with no fuss, whereas there is a huge reluctance to mix silver with gold. This means that if you have a rose gold centrepiece but silver cutlery, no one will bat an eyelid.

N.B. By the way, silver and gold can be mixed; it just needs to be executed well!

Anyway, let’s talk about rose gold decor, the trends and how to execute it well!

Rose gold metal vases

If you are going to do rose gold decor, then do it properly! A glass vase centrepiece with a few rose gold ‘bits’ on your table is not doing rose gold! You have to own it. Your guests should not be looking at your table and trying to work out what your theme is.

Choose a rose gold centrepiece where the main structure is rose gold, for example using the rose gold vases, urns and candelabras from our Rose Angels range. This makes the statement that this is a rose gold wedding!- no ambiguity!

Rose gold/pink finishing touches

Rose gold is always helped along with finishing touches- just to ensure that your guests get the message.

Think! If you have silver cutlery and a rose gold centrepiece, you may need to ‘reinforce’ that rose gold is your theme (because there are 2 different colours involved in your table). If you add a finishing touch like rose gold tea light holders, your guests will get the memo.

On a side note, people always ask me if they need rose gold cutlery for rose gold decor? The answer is not necessarily if you add rose gold finishing touches. No one will even notice the silver cutlery if you have the right finishing touches. That way, you will not need to worry about finding extra budget to hire rose gold cutlery when you can just use the free silver ones that your caterer or venue has provided!- money saver. Note: Rose Gold cutlery is still lush and a necessary if you are doing rose gold luxe!

We stock rose gold finishing touches including table name holder to ensure that all of your guests know what time it is!

Rose gold with Pink or red floral arrangements

Rose gold centrepieces look lovely with ivory florals but works wonderfully with pinks and reds florals; it gives off a ‘pink haze’ when these colours are coupled together. Because rose gold is such an ‘interesting and new’ colour, using one solid floral colour is absolutely fine.

Rose gold also works well with the colour green, so if you are going heavy on the foliage for a rustic themed wedding, rose gold decor will give you a rustic luxe look. You don’t have to be scared of using rose gold decor, it looks gorgeous and it doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Check out our Rose Angel range for affordable, quality and jaw dropping rose gold decor.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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