The 5 Essential Venue Styling Items For Creating A Lux Look Wedding

There are so many venue styling options available nowadays that it is easy to understand why couples can easily get overwhelmed when trying to make choices.

It is easy to look at a picture on Pinterest and think that you have to have everything pictured to achieve the wedding decor look that you want.

As venue stylists, we have special powers! We can look at a picture, see past all the pomp and pageantry to work out what the key elements involved are that are doing the real work in creating that look.

So, because I can’t give you my powers, to help you, I am going to list the 5 most important venue styling items that Angels and Gypsies feel are essential for creating a luxe look wedding:


This seems obvious but you would be surprised at the lack of attention that this element can sometimes receive. The assumption is that centrepieces always have to be large and expensive to look beautiful when actually the most important thing is that they are well considered and fit in with the theme.

And please, I know it’s supposed to be fashionable and some people are going minimalistic BUT please do not consider not having a centrepiece at all; unless you want your wedding to look like a corporate event. It could be a tiny vase with some flowers!

Charger plates

Charger plates are so over looked but I find them so exciting! There are so many colours, designs and shapes available. Some are expensive and some are reasonably priced, so there are options for all budgets. I can’t explain it but they make a table look ‘rich’.

Even the lowest priced plastic charger plates bring something to your table. My personal preference is that plastic charger plates are plain in design but that is not a rule; just my preference.

My personal favourite is the age old glass beaded charger plates. They are a classic and probably the most reasonably priced to hire because they are so popular. I can guarantee you that spending over the odds for something ‘different’ will probably cost you and it will probably bring nothing ‘more to the table’ than a beaded charger. Pardon the pun.

Chairs or chair covers

This is such a contentious subject. Some people hate chair covers and some people love them. I am not going to get into that debate now (but I will at a later date). What I want to get across is that you need to think of your chairs as a decor items. If your venue has ugly chairs and you have to use them; they will need covering. There are many designs and textures of chair covers available so make sure you research all your choices.

If you have the budget, you could hire in chairs. There is actually not that much difference in the price of hiring chair covers (including installation and removal) and hiring in chairs. There are so many chair choices to fit every taste. They don’t have to match too; eclectic collections (especially if you are going for a vintage look) are very fashionable.

Don’t forget to dress your chairs too! If you are going for a chair cover, you may want a chair sash in your chosen colour. Chiavari chairs look lovely with vertical drop chiffon sashes or small pew end type arrangements.

Finishing Touches

This is probably my favourite part of venue styling and my speciality. This is where a little thought is required and also quite a bit of work.

When you see a luxury table setting, it is not the centrepiece that makes it look luxury; it is always the finishing touches. Even the most spectacular centrepiece can still make a table look bare if it doesn’t have the finishing touches to go with it.

My favourite finishing touches involve mirrors, small vases, tea lights and single stem flowers. Don’t be afraid to stray slightly away from your prominent colours for your finishing touches, only tonally though; this will make your table pop!

Back drop/top table feature

This can be an arch, a flower wall, drapes or all three together. But don’t necessarily assume that it always has to be a big structure. It can be some plinths with floral arrangements. This is why I added the term ‘Top table feature’ because there are so many options for your top table. If you opt for something like a plinth, because your decorations are movable, they can be used at your ceremony first; money saver!!!

So, that is my top 5 decor items for a luxe look wedding!

Happy luxury styling!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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