The 5 stages of booking your venue stylist for your event

Wedding season is about to commence. Couples everywhere will be seeking out suppliers and booking everything that they need for their beautiful day.

Usually when couples contact me, they are clueless as to how the process should work, what they should be doing and what to expect.

Ta Da- here is your fairy godmother to help you along with how the process should go; from your initial enquiry through to booking confirmation.

Initial enquiry

After trawling through Instagram, Pinterest and the Internet and narrowing down your favourites, you will make initial contact with the companies of your choice. This is likely to be a call or email/message.

During this time, we will be most interested in gathering the following information:

Wedding date
Number of guests

The purpose of this conversation would be to establish whether there is availability for your event. We would need to check whether we were free on that date and at the necessary time. We would need to know where your venue is located in order to be able to tell you whether it is within our service area. The number of guests is important because if you are having a larger event, not all companies can accommodate big numbers.

If the company can accommodate your date, venue and numbers, you can progress to a discovery call. This will usually have to be booked because it can take from 30 minutes to one hour.

Discovery call

Most couples want a quote straight away but this doesn’t make sense until we know exactly what you want.

The best way to enter into a discovery call is to know what you want but be open to suggestions. As professionals, we know what will work without even seeing it, so be open just in case you want something that actually work.

During a discovery call, we will discuss your decor in-depth, including your likes, dislikes, colours, themes, and venue arrangements etc.

Once we have established everything that you want and like, we will proceed to giving you a quote. Unless you are going for a ready made package, there is no point in giving you a quote before a discovery call because if we don’t have all your information but send you a quote, once we do gather all the information, there is a possibility that the quote could go up because of something that we didn’t know. Ideally, you want your quote to be accurate from the beginning so that there are no nasty surprises.

Note: if you are just interested in hiring one item, a discovery call will not usually be necessary.

The 5 stages of booking your venue stylist


Here we will take the information gathered in the discovery call to create your quote. There are lots of factors that will affect the price quoted so it is important that we have all the information necessary.


Once you know the price is right, you may want to pay your deposit and book at this stage. If so, you will be issued with booking forms and terms and conditions to fill in.

Most venue stylists will offer a face to face consultation for you to come and see some of what you will be hiring. Consultations are sometimes free but this is not always the case, and if you have to pay, the cost of the consultation will usually taken off the final bill.

Note: The quote stage and consultation stage can be swapped in order at times.

The 5 stages of booking your venue stylist

Invoice and paperwork

Once you are sure of what you want, your final invoice will be issued. Booking forms and terms and conditions can be also issued at this stage too. Once your deposit is paid and your paperwork is returned; you are booked!

Most companies will follow these steps but maybe in a slightly different order; even we switch up the order sometimes depending on what the client wants.

This should give you some insight into what to expect so hopefully you will be able to navigate booking your decor with ease.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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