Wedding Decor Trends For 2020 You Need To Take Note Off

As the new decade has arrived, new wedding trends will come in and old ones will go out.

Let’s discuss the trends that we believe will feature heavily this year:


Sustainability is here to stay; and so it should be. I am really hoping that it is not a ‘trend’ and that we all continue to make choices with the environment in mind! Right, I will climb down of my soap box now and discuss decor!

We have moved on from just saving jam jars for centrepieces; we are talking about making full back drops from old wood and copper etc. Not only is this sustainable but it definitely brings a personal touch to a wedding when a couple has been collecting wooden palettes for months in order to make the backdrop of their dreams. As venue stylists, it is normal for us to reuse as much as we can without compromising the quality of your event.

Lastly, please remember, sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean old looking; your decor can still be sustainable and look pristine.

Bright colours

Bright colours will feature heavily in 2020. We will still see the classic ivory and blush pink weddings but some couples will go bold in order to have something a little different from the status quo.

This years Pantone colour of the year is called classic blue and I think it gives some indication of the direction that we are now going in with bold colours.

Couples can often get nervous about bold colours as they are not necessarily a traditional choice but elegant weddings can be created with bold colours. I would keep the bold colours for the floral arrangements and try to keep everything else quite neutral. You can still have little pops of colour here and there but nothing too overwhelming outside of your florals.

Wedding decor trends for 2020

Banqueting tables

I remember when couples would visit a venue and be devastated that they did not have round tables. Without a question, they would hire in round tables as they were wedding essentials. Times have changed so much. We have seen the popularity of the rectangle and square table emerge in 2018/2019. This has now come full circle and in 2020 we will see more banqueting set ups; I mean on a school cafeteria level where all the wedding guests are sitting in 2 or 3 rows.

The only issue to consider with this style of seating is that lots of your guests will be quite far from you. In this case, I would ensure that when you get the chance, you make sure that you walk around and say a hello to everyone so that the people at the back feel involved. Also, make sure you have a good PA system!

Wedding decor trends for 2020


Geometrics have been popular for the last couple of wedding seasons. In 2020, we will not only see geometrics out in full force, we will move on from small 2D and 3D centrepieces to large 3D centrepieces; round centrepieces will be particularly popular.

If you are going full 3D geometric, be careful not to take up too much of your table space.

Wedding decor trends for 2020

The new trends are exciting but trends are only there to guide us. Ultimately, your wedding is your day so do it your way!!!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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