What Size Wedding Dress Should I Buy?

Should I buy my wedding dress for the size I am or the size I want to be?

I love this subject! Self righteous really slim people with lots of self control and industry experts will say do not buy a dress that is too small for you. What do experts know anyway!

So here is my story. I had not long had my son, I was breast feeding and everything on me was huge. I do not lose weight whilst I am breast feeding (contrary to what the books say), so I stopped breast feeding 6 months before my wedding to give me enough time to slim down. The problem is, a lot of dresses need to be ordered between 9 to 6 months in advanced, so l had no choice but to go dress shopping.

On my first shopping trip, I went on my own and bought a dress. Needless to say, I did not wear this dress on my wedding day. This dress deserves a blog entry of its own.

On my second shopping trip, I went to a dress shop where they told me that I couldn’t try on dresses from the normal range as I was too big but I could hold them in front of me and look in the mirror! I decided to try on some plus size dresses but eventually abandoned this shopping trip due to the shop assistants grunting and groaning whilst lacing me in. She obviously thought I was hideous and was letting me know it.

I eventually made a trip to a lovely store (I will talk about these guys in another blog) where I found the dress. There wasn’t a ‘Say yes to the dress’ crying moment but it was a nice dress and the dress made me smile. So, I try on the dress………………. I looked like a penis in a split condom! The dress was a bridal size 14 (normal size 12) and I was a 16. It was carnage and bits of fat were slipping out everywhere! This dress could not be ordered in a larger size. Anyway, I decided to do the sensible thing; I bought the dress! Guys, you will come to realise that I do the unthinkable sometimes!

Over the next few months, I exercised moderately and made sure that doughnuts were eaten before 6pm. It took me 4 months to fit in the dress! Yay!

There was one problem, I carried on losing weight due to stress and my new healthy way of life. On each fitting after that, the seamstress has to add extra padding in the breast area of my dress. By the date of my wedding, not only did I have extra boning in the dress, I also had 3 extra pairs of chicken fillets in each bra section; I am sure that it the equivalent of a whole chicken! I also spent most of the day pulling my dress up as it was slightly too big. All the readjustments to the dress cost us a bomb. I looked hot though! 😉

Moral of the story, do what is right for you. Think about the type of person you are and if you know that you will stay motivated, then maybe you can go for a smaller dress BUT my ‘not expert not condescending’ advice would be try and be at the weight that you can maintain when you order your dress so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg later adjusting your dress. Oh, and try not to go dress shopping on your own!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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