Who Do You Choose? 4 Ways To Help You Pick Your Venue Stylist At A Wedding Fair

Wedding fairs are a minefield. There are lots of types of wedding suppliers to choose from. You will be looking for a number of different suppliers and if this isn’t hard enough, there will be a minimum of 2 or 3 stands of each type of supplier. How do you chose a supplier and more importantly, how do you chose your venue stylist when 2 or 3 are staring at you?

Here are 4 pointers to help you out:


Look for the venue stylist that supplies the style of decor that is in theme with your wedding. They are more likely to have the items that you would like, they will be experts in that style and will know what does and doesn’t work.

Trying to get a venue stylist to supply a style that is different to what they normally do can end up being long, costly and complicated.


Look at the type of stock that they have on display. Is it the style you want? Is the stock clean? Is the stock good quality?

Wedding fairs are a venue stylists showcase. It’s where we ‘show off’ our skills and stock. Therefore if you are not impressed with the style and quality at this stage, the likelihood is that they are not the venue stylist for you.

Saying that, sometimes things go wrong and our wedding stand doesn’t quite work out how we would have liked and it doesn’t represent our best work. In this case, you will probably get a sense of this or the stylist may even tell you.

Also, remember that venue stylists can only really bring one look to a wedding fair, so we will normally pick something in the theme with the venue. If you want something different to what is displayed; just ask, it is probably in their infantry.


Look for someone who appears organised. The months leading up to your wedding will be busy and stressful so you don’t want to be micromanaging your venue stylist too. It is well known that there is a stereotype that creatives are unorganised. Whilst I think that this is not necessarily the case, I would definitely look out for signs of disorganisation:

  • Are they unnecessarily flustered?
  • Do they have a proper system for taking down their info? Scraps of paper are not acceptable.
  • Do they have a portfolio for you to look through?
  • Do they have systems in place for booking etc?

These are only a few pointers but I think you get the picture!


For me, this is really important. You don’t have to be best friends BUT you should feel comfortable and you should get on.

I am not saying that you can’t book someone who is amazing but that you don’t really get on with but this will be hard work and stressful. I have heard of a supplier that shouted at a bride on the morning of her wedding; totally unacceptable!

Ideally, you want someone who is friendly, empathetic and makes you feel comfortable enough to ask all those questions that you have in your head that you think are stupid.

Think about what is best for you:

  • Do you want someone who will leave you alone and get on with it- no small talk?
  • Do you want someone who is humorous and will put you at ease?
  • Do you want someone who micro manages?

When you get on with your suppliers, it makes life so much easier.

Wedding fairs can be overwhelming. The above should help you cut through the noise to find the right supplier for you.

Love you,

Angels and Gypsies

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