5 Reasons Why You Should Tell Your Wedding Stylist What Your Venue Styling Budget Is.

In the U.K., we don’t like to talk about money. It is seen to be rude to ask about money and equally as crass to talk openly about your money.

Quite early on in our styling/client relationship, I will ask you what budget is set aside for your venue to be styled. So, why do clients feel reluctant to tell their stylist how much they have to spend on venue styling?

The first reason is that because they are unsure of how much venue styling really costs, so they feel nervous that they will suggest amount that is stupidly to low or too high.

So here are 5 reasons why you should tell your venue stylist what your decor budget is:

One: We will never treat you badly regarding the budget that you have set.

Remember, what you spend on each element of your wedding is not necessarily a reflection of your income; it is a reflection on how important that element is to you. So, you may have a bride who has spent thousands on a designer dress but hardly anything on decor. We never judge our clients on their budget. No matter what you are spending, our customer service is the same.

If your supplier makes you feel bad; vote with your feet!

Two: Helps to set realistic expectations.

Obviously, if you have champagne taste but beer money; we will let you know. However, when we know your budget, we can suggest similar looks to your dream wedding that will still look gorgeous but will not have the price tag. We can offer the closest alternative within your budget.

A win win scenario!

Three: No time wasting.

The worst thing as a venue stylist is when you have done 4 or 5 quotes to only realise that your client wants to spend nowhere near the amount of the original quote and has been taking one item off at a time to get to amount that they want to spend. Please note, this drives us crazy as writing quotes is the bane of most venue stylists lives.

It is bad for the environment and the soul!

Four: Get the most in for the amount you have.

When you are straight with us about what you have to spend, we will do our utmost to get everything that you want for the money that you have. As venue stylists, one of our skills is to recreate a look according to budget.

We will be so happy with you, we will go over and above for you!

Five: More likely to offer packages and deals.

We are likely to give more to someone who has been upfront, honest and doesn’t waste our time (time is money). We can also suggest packages (or create them) to give you more bang for your buck. You may actually end up getting more for your money from a package that we already have; if we know what your budget is in the first place.

Honestly, being straight with us is the best thing you can do.

Happy being a helpful client!

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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