You Get What You Pay For! Should You Price Shop For Your Wedding Venue Decor?

It seems that everyone loves when I talk about money. I guess it is because it is such a naughty subject.

So I have noticed something that has become quite prevalent in the industry; brides that are price shopping for their wedding venue decor. In a time where money is quite tight for all of us, it makes sense to look for a bargain. In fact, in total contradiction to what I do for a living, I have no problem in a couple DIYing it if they can do it properly.

The fact remains that most couples acknowledge that the look they want to achieve for their wedding venue decor will need to be executed by a professional, so they call someone like me in; Great!

The problem lies in the fact that once they acknowledge that they need a professional; some couples look for the cheapest professional!

So, should you price shop for your wedding venue decor? The short answer is NO!!! Here is why:

You get what you pay for

This is a universal rule, irrespective of whatever industry you are in. Our industry is no different.

Wedding venue decor is delicate, therefore it is expensive to buy, store and move. Therefore if you hire an artificial blossom tree for £10, unless the hirer doesn’t know their own worth, you are likely to be looking at an artificial blossom tree that looks like it’s dying; and not in a chic rustic way either! Decor needs to be maintained, cleaned and shined for your wedding day. I have been to weddings where the artificial centrepieces still have storage dust on them! Did the company charge so little because they don’t offer some services (cleaning and dusting in this case)!

If a company is a lot cheaper than everyone else, do your due diligence as to why. How many times have you bought a bargain online and it hasn’t cracked up to be what you thought it was?


Venue styling and wedding venue decorating is a skill. It’s not just about being about being able to decorate a table and make it beautiful, it’s about being able to replicate that same exact table 10 times in a short space of time. It’s about being able to take your 100 Pinterest pins and create 1 coherent look that doesn’t look like a 5 year olds glitter and paint splurge.

Venue styling, choosing wedding venue decor and working at speed are all skills that take time, money and training to perfect. When a person has a skill set, then they charge accordingly. On Instagram, we call these ‘receipts’!- example: If a plastic surgeon has ‘receipts’, they work on Harley Street! I hope you get where I am going. No one perfects their craft to then give it away for free.

There is a saying, ‘If I do a job in 1 hour, you are not paying for the 1 hour; you are paying for the years of training I did that meant I have the expertise do that job in 1 hour’.

Make sure you hire someone who will get the job done properly.

Price shopping only works if you are getting the exact same thing for cheaper.

I am definitely not the cheapest venue stylist out there! There will always be someone cheaper somewhere. But when someone is too cheap, don’t you often think; what’s the catch?

It doesn’t happen often because clients pick me mostly because they like my particular style but on occasion, clients have come to me saying that they have a quote that is slightly cheaper than mine. If I can’t be bothered because I am really busy, I might say, “Wow that’s great, I would snap that up if I was you”! 90% of the time they come back because they have realised that their bargain didn’t really end up to be a bargain.

On the odd occasion that I can be bothered, I will ask questions about staffing, the condition of the wedding venue decor, delivery costs and experience, most of which the client cannot answer; they don’t really know what they are getting for the cheaper price.

Price shopping only works if you are getting the identical quality, service and look for a cheaper price. If you are compromising on any one of those, you aren’t price shopping; you are just getting less for less!

Do the sensible thing.

Love you

Angels and Gypsies

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